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Commercial Appraisal

   Snell & Associates, Inc. offers a wide variety of commercial appraisal services for many types of commercial properties.

   Examples of the types of commercial appraisals available include:

          » Complete Appraisals in the Self-Contained Reporting Format (Narrative)
          » Limited Appraisals in the Summary Reporting Format (Narrative)
          » Uniform Commercial Appraisal Reports (Limited Summary Appraisals)
          » We do not offer the Restricted Appraisal Report format.

   Examples of the types of commercial property appraised include but are not limited to:

          » Professional Office Buildings
          » Industrial Properties
          » Residential and Commercial Development Properties
          » Golf Courses
          » Commercial Waterfront Properties
          » Restaurants
          » Automobile Dealerships
          » Mobile Home Parks
          » Waterfront Resort Properties
          » Bowling Alleys
          » Mobile Home Sales Properties
          » Office/Warehouse Properties
          » Fraternal Meeting Halls
          » Churches
          » Vacant Commercial Land
          » Convenience Stores

   Please call our office (1-800-794-9629 or 352-795-4200) in order to get information.

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